SDRU Day 4: Roasted corn and fireworks

On day 4 of the shutdown, we had a great day at the Rise Up convergence talking with hundreds of people who were in the park for the fireworks celebration. We shared many ears of corn and other tasty foods, painted a new banner, had bike maintenance skill-shares, and talked with folks who are being affected by the shutdown.

On Tuesday, Day 5, we’ll be joined by the crew of the Sisters’ Camelot kitchen bus to cook another amazing meal. If you’d like to help cook, come to Powderhorn at 11:20am or after (look for the blue bus on the SE side of the park). We’ll enjoy a free meal together at 5pm, near the park building. Then, at 6pm, we’ll have discussions in working groups focused on health care, food, outreach, fun, and childcare (and any other projects anyone would like to start).

This project is totally self-organized through all-volunteer energy, and with the original organizers needing to take breaks, we need your energies to keep it going, so please plug in to whatever part of the organizing you’re most passionate about!

We would like to have events at the convergence, so please let us know if you would like to put on something—a concert, presentation, skill-share, soccer game… ?

Finally, If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our new, interactive map of Twin Cities resources:, which includes locations of free food, clothing, health care, and more. Let us know if you have more resources to add.


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