SDRU Day 5: food, health, outreach

On Day 5 of the Shutdown Rise Up! convergence, we shared a wonderful meal, cooked by volunteers on the Sisters’ Camelot kitchen bus. We had breakout group discussions on food, health, and outreach (see below for updates).

On Wednesday, Day 6, we’ll share a meal at 5pm, followed by discussions at 6pm about how we can organize together to meet our collective needs during the shutdown and beyond. We’re meeting at Powderhorn Park near the park building’s north side.

If you’d like to help with FOOD, the food group is looking for folks to cook/contribute to tomorrow’s meal. To help cook tomorrow’s meal, please come at 2 PM to Walker Church (in the basement), which is located at 3104 16th ave S. If you bring food to share, please be sure of what’s in it and whether it’s vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc. Also, we are looking for groups/orgs to donate and/or cater food for a day (if interested, contact Jude – recycleme2(A) from the food group). Please, if you are able, bring your own dishware and cutlery to the free meal, and the food committee will have some as well for folks who can’t.

The OUTREACH group is working to focus on flyering, web outreach, and making connections with organizations. Please contact us if you are part of an organization that could get involved in some way, whether putting on an event at the convergence, sharing resources, or spreading the word to its members (contact Eli – eli.meyerhoff(A) If you would like to help with flyering, let us know and we can get fliers to you or you can pick them up at the convergence. Help spread the word through liking us on facebook and tweeting #shutdownriseup.

The HEALTHCARE group is focusing a lot on skill-sharing. Some folks are already able to provide services such as acupressure and herbal remedies. The group plans to start a storage space/resource center for herbs and natural health resources, and self-help information. If anyone has any info/connections /resources they would like to share with the group they are very welcome to!

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