SDRU Day 6: potluck, twitter, Wellness Wednesdays, bus to the Capitol

On Day 6 of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence, we shared a delicious meal—vegan chili, cookies, and more—cooked by rad volunteers (thanks to Walker Church for letting us use their kitchen!). At our community assembly, we had project group discussions on health, housing, food, outreach, and fun (see below for details).

On Thursday, Day 7, we’ll share a meal at 5pm, followed by discussions around 6pm. We’re meeting again at Powderhorn Park near the park building’s north side.

Tomorrow’s dinner will be potluck style, so bring something yummy to share if you are able. We are talking with other organizations about volunteering to collectively put on a night of food. If you are part of a group or organization that might be interested in this, please contact Jude – recycleme2(A)

There is now a Shut Down Rise Up Twitter account! Follow us here:!/shutdownriseup
A forum will be created soon, so that discussions can continue online. Translations of our literature are available in Spanish, and a Somali version is in the works. If you know of anyone who could translate a Hmong version, please ask them! (and contact Eli – eli.meyerhoff(A) Finally, we are going to start having themed days, starting with a Wellness Wednesday (7/13), where Kim has volunteered to do a workshop on easy and useful herbs for healthy living. Other ideas and skillshares are welcome!

Leslie (leslie(A) volunteered to secure a bus for the group if 60 people are interested in getting together for a trip down to the capitol to have a gathering/ drum circle and present our version of a solution to the crisis (since our political leaders seem incapable of this). If you are interested please email Leslie soon so that a date can be worked out! It would most likely be an all day event (problem solving and poster making in the morning @ Powderhorn, bussing to capitol and the event itself).
Other ideas for fun at the convergence space included bringing out a music player of some sort (such as a boom box), or getting some live music for the dinner and socializing part of the meeting. Anyone who owns a musical instrument and/or a boombox (or other music player) or who is part of a band is invited to come share some music with the group.

There is now a space secured for the envisioned community based holistic healthy living center, and the group today discussed more about how the space could be used. Workshop ideas range from yoga to cura huesos to blood pressure check-ups to reiki, to street medic training; and we’re still looking for ideas! A small library of literature on traditional and modern medicine is starting up, so if you have books or pamphlets you’d like to donate, please contact Margo (mfaulk(A) There was also an idea voiced of providing information and help to individuals to facilitate access to the medical system, as insurance and treatment can be difficult to navigate. If you’d like to contribute your knowledge or skills (in form of herbs, any sort of workshop, or medical knowledge), please let us know.

This newly formed group is interested in getting in touch with families that are struggling with various housing situations. There is a potential partner in the Poor Peoples Economic Human Rights Campaign, but other groups with expertise would be amazing if anyone has contacts.

Check out for some great info on the legislation under debate and updates on development.


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