SDRU Day 7

On Day 7 of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence, we shared a potluck style meal at 5pm in Powderhorn Park on the North side of the parks building. We shared two kinds of salad, a mix of vegetables, fruit salads, pasta, bananas, cherries, a few rice dishes and more! Thank you to everyone who helped prepare the meal and to the persons who entertained during the meal with music.

At our community assembly we found volunteers for packing away our communal dinner and helping prepare tomorrow’s meal. People committed to either bringing back leftover food or preparing a new dish. Everyone is welcome to bring a dish for tomorrow. In keeping with the flexibility of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence (after planning food for Day 8) ideas and concerns related to the convergence were briefly announced by various community members. Interest was expressed towards “Wellness Wednesdays” where the convergence would emphasize health-related resources and issues every Wednesday of Shut Down Rise Up! Kim has volunteered to do a workshop on easy and useful herbs for healthy living on Wednesday, July 13. It was suggested that, in keeping with Wellness Wednesdays, on Fridays a (Really, Really) Free Market could happen in the park. Starting tomorrow, interested community members should bring items they are willing to give away for free at 5pm. If you bring items to the park for this please be sure you take any items you brought which were not claimed.

Someone also suggested that there are too many meetings and there should be more fun at Shut Down Rise Up! An ice cream social is in the works for Sunday’s assembly. If a few people (this could mean you!) would bring ice cream, we could all share the bounty. If anyone can bring a non-dairy and soy-free alternative this would be wonderful for those in the community who cannot consume dairy or soy. Also, if someone has games to share at the next meeting, please do (Twister was requested). Music was played during dinner today and we encourage people to bring their instruments and share their music any evening. There is a more organized jam seeking musicians for next Tuesday – come tomorrow to help plan and contribute to this. From these ideas, people were encouraged to break out into groups and connect with people who shared interests in particular tasks.

Breakout groups that met were Outreach, Health and Fun.

Outreach: There is a Shut Down Rise Up Twitter account: @shutdownriseup Translation of our literature are available in English and Spanish and outreach will continue in various neighborhoods and landmarks around the city including: Philips neighborhood, laundromats, a union of cleaning workers, college campuses, and local farmer’s markets.

Health: Wellness Wednesdays are on – bring health-related resources to share next Wednesday. Come learn about herbalism and other health practices. Fun: Bring games and music/instruments if you have some to share at the convergence. Ice cream Social Sundays need a few people to commit to bringing ice cream. Other Announcements: KARE 11 filmed us today – this aired tonight at 10pm Pioneer Press has written an article mentioning Shut Down Rise Up!

Shut Down Rise Up Facebook Page:

Twitter: Today will be Day 8 of Shut Down Rise Up! We will be meeting to share food, ideas and resources at the usual time of 5pm in Powderhorn Park on the North side of the park’s building. If you have a dish to share, please come by between 4:30 and 5pm.


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