SDRU Day 8: Free Market Friday

Today, Day 8 of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence, we had another People’s Potluck in Powderhorn Park. We shared a variety of foods including vegan lentils, a rice and beans dish, a boiled eggs dish, chips and apples. Thank you to those who helped bring leftovers from yesterday and who brought new dishes. Tomorrow we are planning another People’s Potluck and anyone is welcome to bring a dish for tomorrow. Today was also the first of our Free Market Fridays and we had a couple boxes of things, about half of which were shared and taken up by the community! Thank you to everyone who brought items to share. Several groups met after the general assembly to discuss healthcare, outreach, media and fun.

Upcoming events and ideas planned for the convergence are the following:

-This Sunday will be Ice Cream Social Sunday! Two people at the convergence today volunteered to bring ice cream this Sunday along with others yesterday. EXCO/South Side Free Skool will be cooking the meal in the park this Sunday. They’ll be cooking kale, chard, lentils, and rice. Feel free to bring other dishes or foods to cook too.

-Next Wednesday will be the first of the themed “Wellness Wednesdays” where health-related resources will be shared. A person versed in herbalism will be bring some plants for identification and simple applications. A health library is in the works and people with literature to contribute should bring it on Wednesday to the park around 5pm.

-On Fridays we will continue our Free Market. Community members can bring items they are willing to give away for free at 5pm on Friday, though anyone should feel open to bring good on any day of the convergence. If you bring items to the park for this please be sure you take any items you brought which were not claimed.

-A car maintenance-related skill share will be taking place in the near future.

-A soccer game protest on the Capital steps was suggested – updates hopefully to follow at the park tomorrow.

-A community member is requesting support for her blog:

-Shut Down Rise Up forum board through Minneactivist here:

-Shut Down Rise Up Twitter:

-Shut Down Rise Up Facebook Page:

Day 9 of the Shut Down Rise Up Convergence is tomorrow. Every convergence is a free space and open to anyone. There is no core group of organizers for the group. Therefore, these convergences are what we make of them. Join your community in the park at 5pm.


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