SDRU Day 9

Today was day 9 of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence, and we shared another meal in the park, potluck style. Many people were there for the first time, so the discussion focused mostly on a re-cap around what’s been going on and what the plans are for next week.

Tomorrow is day 10 of the convergence. EXCO/ South Side Free Skool is cooking the meal, and people have said they will bring ice cream to make it an ice cream social. Feel free to bring dishes and food to share.

We ran out of disposable cups and cutlery today, so remember to bring your own and maybe some to share.

Somebody suggested writing a press release after the 10th day to send out to the press on Monday. They also suggested inviting media and new groups to attend the convergence since it seems like more people are going to be there tomorrow. Nobody has bottom-lined working on this so far.

-Next Wednesday will be the first of the themed “Wellness Wednesdays” where health-related resources will be shared. A person versed in herbalism will be bring some plants for identification and simple applications. A health library is in the works and people with literature to contribute should bring it on Wednesday to the park around 5pm.

-On Fridays we will continue our Free Market. Community members can bring items they are willing to give away for free at 5pm on Friday, though anyone should feel open to bring good on any day of the convergence. If you bring items to the park for this please be sure you take any items you brought which were not claimed.

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