SDRU Day 10: Theme days and childcare

On Day 10 of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence, we enjoyed sharing a tasty meal cooked by volunteers from the South Side Free Skool (a chapter of Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities). We had a community assembly, talking about how we can collaborate on outreach, food, health, and childcare.

On Day 11, Monday, we’ll come together at 5pm for a free meal – on the north side of the park building in Powderhorn Park. This will be a potluck style meal, so we invite you to bring a dish to share. Afterwards, around 6pm, we’ll have discussions in project groups.

The following are updates on what’s happening with some of the projects:

The outreach group is working to get more organized and to get the word out to the community to build up a larger force. We would like to focus more on out theme days to generate more participation. Therefore we’d like to do more publicity about Wellness Wednesday and Free Market Friday. This coming Wellness Wednesday we’re planning to have a soccer game, as well as a bike repair station facilitated by Alex. Though at this point we don’t actually have a soccer ball… if anyone has one that they can bring that would be great!

Another big project we’re working on is a big blowout party for Shut Down, Rise Up! We’re working to get local musicians to donate their time, as well as local businesses to sponsor/advertise/donate time as well. This event would act as a revamp for SDRU and really try to get lots of people to come. Anyone who has any connections with local musicians is welcome to try to get folks to join us! We’d also like to get local artists out to perform at SDRU on other days as well.

Lastly, another way we’d like to get the word out is talking to the community about childcare. After talking with everyone today it seems to be a big issue, and we’d like to talk to folks about their needs at SDRU. With that said, we’d also like to create a more comfortable/fostering structure during the general assembly by talking more in the large group and creating disscussion more there. Tommorow we’d like to try this out, focusing on childcare needs and connecting folks who need childcare with folks who can give it. We would like to promote this on our internet media websites and create a discussion for it on our new forum.

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