SDRU day 11: health, outreach, food

On Day 11 of SDRU, we shared a nice dinner and then broke into groups that discussed how we can organize around food, outreach, healthcare, and childcare. Day 12 (Tuesday), we’ll come together again at 5pm for a free meal – on the north side of the park building in Powderhorn Park – followed by community assembly discussions.

We are in need of folks who can commit to bring a dish to share—potluck style—for the next few days, especially tomorrow. Check your pantry and fridge and see what you have to whip up! If you can bring a dish any day, please let Eli know at eli.meyerhoff(A) .

If you have extra food to share that someone else could prepare, please bring it to the convergence so that others can take it and use it. Another project for the food group is to find organizations or groups to bottomline cooking a meal for one day. If you know of any to ask, please do so.

The MN Health and Wellness Collective (MNHAWC) is working together to put on Wellness Wednesdays, which will include presenting workshops, resources, and materials at the convergence space. During and after the shutdown, they are also creating a grassroots health resource center at the new Minnehaha Free Space (see ). If you’re interested in getting involved with the MNHAWC, email Lucas.

To connect better with other organizations, we are working to have a big event (and many smaller events) at the convergence in collaboration with other groups. If you are part of any groups, please ask them if they would like to participate.

One idea for outreach is to make some door-hangers publicizing SDRU by using re-purposed hanging panels from busses. Pick some up if you can and bring them to the convergence.

We’re working on updating the flier. Also, we have the flier translated into Hmong, and we’re working on having it translate into Somali and Oromo.

A big event that we can connect with is the National Night Out on August 2nd (see

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