SDRU Day 13: evaluation + direct action proposals, discussion to continue tomorrow

Today (Thursday) was day 13 of the Shut Down Rise Up! convergence.

We had a great discussion around where this initiative is going, what inspired people to get involved in the first place and what we hope to see grow out of it. Many people expressed various concerns, such as

  • dwindling participation
  • lack of continuity and repetition of ideas
  • burnout
  • adherence to a format without thinking critically about whether it
  • actually furthers the intended goals of the Shut Down Rise Up! initiative, i.e. to intervene in the shutdown with a critical analysis of the narrative of ‘crisis’, and to collectively enable and envision life without government by creating alternatives based on sharing resources, mutual aid and solidarity

There seemed to be general support for continuing having free dinners and project discussions.

We also discussed some direct action proposals:

  1. digging up grass in the park and planting food instead
  2. doing nightly home demos outside the houses of people who create a sense of crisis or benefit from it, e.g. politicians, or CEOs of big corporations based in the TC metro area
  3. disrupt government institutions that remain open but that we wish were shutdown, like prisons, or police offices.

We briefly discussed the second proposal, but ran out of time, so the discussion will continue tomorrow. Some things that were mentioned:

  • legal issues
  • getting media to come
  • collaborate with other groups and shutdown initiatives to gather a critical mass – it was encouraged that people talk to groups they know and are a part of about this
  • Universal Health Care Action Network has experience of home demos

Kim hosted a workshop on useful herbs for healthy living that several people attended. This workshop will continue every Wednesday for as long as the convergence continues, and people are attending the workshop.

As always, the food was delish and plentiful, thanks to everyone who cooked. Food and other logistics are covered for tomorrow. We need to keep bringing our own dishes to eat from, to minimize trash. The Committee to Stop FBI Repression is cooking on Saturday, but we need bottomliners to cover the dinners until then.

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